Inside You

Photo by Charlie Foster on Unsplash

Every ten minutes you’re pulling up stakes

You can hear the silly sound you can’t help but make

As you’re tossed to the side and your heart starts to break

The pain’s in the rain; the sadness of rain

All of life comes forth through pain and the rain

What’s left are answers scattered strange on the floor;

By the door; in the house you don’t live anymore

You can’t even tell what you’re staying there for

You feel weird and ignored and angry and raw

And you limp like a lion with a thorn in its paw

You obsess and believe there’s some way to settle the score

Whatever; what for?

You stand on the land as it leads to the shore

Stare at the ocean like you stared at the door

So many millions of times before

Scared to walk inside

Run, sonny, run — go run and hide

You’re an alien now — pathetic and poor

You can feel a hot tear start to move down your cheek

It pokes fun with a finger and its calling you weak

Where is this thing I want, this thing I seek?

Why is everything so sad and hopeless and bleak?

Am I just a moment, just a small grain of sand

Just a man with no plan on a large piece of land

Obscured by the scenery and a 12 piece brass band

That plays the parade and the game and charade

What became of the love I once lovingly made

And so freely and vividly once gave away?

Where is my vision and where is my passion

What drawer is all of my belongings now stashed in

My faith has been smashed in

My chips are all cashed in

What am I looking at or looking for?

There ain’t a soul in this world who is trying to find you

You don’t need a keeper or someone to mind you

The Kingdom of heaven is living inside you

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