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"Next time you hear an effective and affecting lyrics-first, narrative and nakedly personal songwriter like Billy Manas, just remember that this act of staying out of the way of the lyrics is a musical skill, not a literary one. Props where they are due." -John Burdick  Hudson Valley Almanac 

"Billy Manas has star power."  Woodstock Times

"Billy Manas is a very passionate guy who operates on many levels and all of this finds its way 
into his music." Poughkeepsie Journal

"You could say that Billy Manas gets straight to the point - his no-frills directness takes familiar songs and makes them his own - his locomotive acoustic guitar, exuberant harmonica, and road-worn voice are the touchstone of a seasoned troubadour."  Paul Higgins WKZE

The Curse Of Our Blessings 

Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich on Unsplash

As a person who tries with every fiber of my being to walk the talk as often as possible, I can see how recent events in my life went exactly the way they did. I have no problem admitting that I was blindsided by the way a woman looked and did not even realize the amount of negative energy they were emitting. I was sucked in by their defeatist story of how difficult life was for them because they were cursed with this albatross of their own incredible beauty. You might…

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In Defense Of Celibacy 

Photo by Grant Ritchie on Unsplash

I am terrible with boundaries. I meet a woman, I like them, I begin to feel positive feelings and I become an open book — writing the most heartfelt love poetry, giving away my social security number, my grocery money and my winter coat. Up until recently, I always sort of viewed this as a quirky, perhaps slightly humorous part of my personality. Had I been forced to scrutinize it deeper, it wouldn’t be long before I’d realize it sprung from a need for connection and love…

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Gaslight Much? 

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

I do believe there are times in our lives when the universe conspires to teach us something. Generally, we are faced with a challenge and we rise up to meet it and come away better for having experienced it. Then, of course, there’s what I just went through in the last two weeks. That could probably best be described as a whole lot of “WTF?” Let me explain:

On or around December 14, things for me could not possibly have been better. A lifelong dream had come true. After…

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Go Big In 2019 

Photo by Judeus Samson on Unsplash

I’ve been doing the blogging thing long enough to have definitely come across some pretty predictable patterns — so if you want to do well in this arena, listen up. I’ve got some very worthwhile advice.

Number one, look for a commonly accepted truth that is trending — say for example, Bond Crater, the famous actor was caught on camera picking his nose. Pretty innocuous. Everyone knows he picked his nose. It was embarrassing for him, slightly entertaining to the rest of us…

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Confessions Of A Failed F*ckboy 

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

The loss of my virginity as a 16-year old was proceeded by one of the most traumatic events in my teenage life. When I say traumatic, don’t get me wrong: it wasn’t traumatic the way, say, living in Syria and having your entire village unexpectedly blown up while you were sleeping, would be. It was traumatic for a boy living on Long Island and trying to compete with other boys on Long Island.

There I was, just going about my business as a teenager — driving to my friend…

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Inside You 

Photo by Charlie Foster on Unsplash

Every ten minutes you’re pulling up stakes

You can hear the silly sound you can’t help but make

As you’re tossed to the side and your heart starts to break

The pain’s in the rain; the sadness of rain

All of life comes forth through pain and the rain

What’s left are answers scattered strange on the floor;

By the door; in the house you don’t live anymore

You can’t even tell what you’re staying there for

You feel weird and ignored and angry and raw

And you limp like a lion with a…

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All I Got Was Everything I Wanted 

Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

I remember being about 23 years old and I had just finished recording a song with a friend of mine. She sat there at the end of my bed, disassembling her clarinet and explaining to me how she always got depressed after she created something great. I wasn’t sure I entirely understood what she meant, so I asked her to elaborate. Near as I can remember, she said it was very much like what she imagined post-partum depression would be like.

“You work so hard to make a thing…

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When The World Changes Over Diner Coffee 

Photo by Sahar Mann on Unsplash

I always shudder a little inside whenever I hear the phrase, “Well, that’s like most men.”

I’ve always felt my mission on this planet was to distinguish myself from “most men.” Sometimes, the universe gives us exactly what we want — whether we want it or not.

Let me explain: I received a friend request from a woman who I sort of knew in my periphery when I was quite a bit younger. I was just finished with school and was obsessively engaged in the task of starting the best band…

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The Perfectly Imperfect Parent 

I grew up on suburban Long Island, so my childhood traumas were kept at a minimum. There was one day when I was fifteen years old, however, that will stay in my mind forever. I was working with my dad at his store and an angry and violent customer came in and started to threaten […]

The Ramblings Of A Romantic Overachiever 

Photo by Jose Chomali on Unsplash

I am beginning to have faith in the fact that the universe is in our corner much of the time, whether we like it or not. I have spent the last fourteen months so incredibly focused on landing my first book deal, that any other pursuit I have had the temerity to try to introduce into the picture has gone south — romance being the most glaring victim. It hasn’t been for lack of trying, either.

I have not had any success shaking off the biological imperative of wanting to mate…

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